NoCallbackEquilibriumDB.register(name, rewriter, *tags, final_rewriter=False, cleanup=False, **kwargs)#

Register a new rewriter to the database.

  • name (str) – Name of the rewriter.

  • rewriter (Union[RewriteDatabase, GraphRewriter, NodeRewriter]) – The rewriter to register.

  • tags (str) – Tag name that allows one to select the rewrite using a RewriteDatabaseQuery.

  • use_db_name_as_tag – Add the database’s name as a tag, so that its name can be used in a query. By default, all rewrites registered to an EquilibriumDB are selected when the "EquilibriumDB" name is used as a tag. We do not want this behavior for some rewrites like local_remove_all_assert. Setting use_db_name_as_tag to False removes that behavior. This means that only the rewrite’s name and/or its tags will enable it.

  • final_rewriter (bool) –

  • cleanup (bool) –