aeppl.latex_pprint = <aeppl.printing.PreamblePPrinter object>#

Pretty printer that displays a preamble.

Preambles are put into an OrderedDict of categories (determined by printers that use the preamble). The order can be set by preempting the category names within an OrderedDict passed to the constructor via the preamble_dict keyword. The lines accumulated in each category are comma-separated up to a fixed length given by PreamblePPrinter.max_preamble_width, after which a newline is appended and process repeats.


>>> import aesara.tensor as at
>>> from aeppl.printing import pprint
>>> X_rv = at.random.normal(at.scalar('\\mu'), at.scalar('\\sigma'), name='X')
>>> print(pprint(X_rv))
\\mu in R
\\sigma in R
X ~ N(\\mu, \\sigma**2),  X in R

XXX: Not thread-safe!