MeasurableElemwise.__init__(scalar_op, *args, **kwargs)[source]#
  • scalar_op – An instance of a subclass of ScalarOp which works uniquely on scalars.

  • inplace_pattern – A dictionary that maps the index of an output to the index of an input so the output is calculated inplace using the input’s storage. (Just like Op.destroy_map, but without the lists.)

  • nfunc_spec – Either None or a tuple of three elements, (nfunc_name, nin, nout) such that getattr(numpy, nfunc_name) implements this operation, takes nin-many inputs and nout-many outputs. Note that nin cannot always be inferred from the scalar Op’s own nin field, because that value is sometimes zero (meaning a variable number of inputs), whereas the NumPy function may not have var-args.